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"Thanks for your assistance. I have the adapter. It is what I needed!"

Allen N., Antioch, CA

Emailed 5/31/2011

"I just got my replacement keyboard and I am ecstatic. I dropped a boiling cup of water on my laptop over a year ago, and while the guts still worked, the keyboard did not. I have been carting around an external keyboard to use with it, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a laptop! It took me this long to finally replace the keyboard and it works like new. Thanks so much!"

Maureen G., Charleston, SC

Emailed 5/24/2011

"Thank you for making me look good and to be able to provide great customer service."

Jim Higgins, Neenah, WI, Higgins Technology Consulting

Emailed 5/18/2011

"Doing business with you was a pleasure in every way.

Look forward to more orders."

G.C., San Luis Obispo, CA

Emailed 5/10/2011

"Thank you very much! The keyboard arrived today, perfectly fine, and I was able to resume working.

You guys rock!"

Camilo R., Greensboro, NC

Emailed 5/3/2011

"Thank you very much - it works great."

Adam T., Irvine, CA

Emailed 4/26/2011

"You guys were great. I appreciate that you adjusted the shipping cost."

Steve N., Harleysville, PA

Emailed 4/19/2011

"Thanks for everything I've received it yesterday. Awesome."

Kim C., Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Emailed 4/19/2011

"Thanks very much for the copy of the invoice and tracking number. I'm really impressed by the follow-up and communications from your firm following my purchase of a Sony keyboard. Keep up the good work."

Noyes A., Bryn Mawr, PA

Emailed 4/19/2011

"I received the keyboard even before your email :-)

Nice service


Rich P., Austin, TX

Emailed 4/18/2011

"I will remember your excellent level of customer service and will always start with LPE FIRST WHEN ORDERING COMPUTER PARTS."

Mike N., Spring City, PA

Emailed 4/14/2011

"Just wanted to let you know the replacement monitor did the job. Thanks for your help...I appreciate a company that actually does what you expect. I had an issue, you took care of it. Fantastic."

Bob C., Avon, IN

Emailed 4/12/2011

"Thanks so much, You Guys. The LCD replacement part works great - your advice and service is awesome. I will definitely be using your company in the future and will be recommending to others. I work at a university and often students/staff/faculty are looking for 3rd party replacement parts - our technicians too. It's great to have a resource that is reliable and fairly priced.

Thank you!"

Lisa N., Fairfield, CT

Emailed 4/11/2011

"The part arrived on time and works perfectly. Thanks again."

William D., Albany, GA

Emailed 4/7/2011

"I received my keyboard and it works great. Thanks for quick shipping and great product. I will definitely recommend your company to all my friends. Thanks."

James Y., Anderson, SC

Emailed 4/7/2011

"Thank you so much. My part arrived promptly this morning, in perfect shape. Thank you so much for your assistance."

Harvey P., Washington, DC

Emailed 4/6/2011

"Wonderful laptop keyboard it better than my initial/installed one...and kinda like the blk keyboard in the silver - much better than silver on silver.

Great service and great customer service."

Darcy W., Chandler, AZ

Emailed 4/2/2011

"It works!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the help. You answered ALL my questions, very slowly and politely. I appreciate the English spoken and who ever helped me on the phone was more than great. Sorry I've forgotten your name. Will call when[or before] the battery dies. Thanks again for a very positive experience!"

Julie F., Newcastle, CA

Emailed 3/30/2011

"Thank you very much! I received the part today and have it installed and working. The speed of service is astounding. You guys have just replaced a couple of my other suppliers. Cheers!"

Derek C., Tacoma, WA

Emailed 3/30/2011

"Thank you! I installed my keyboard last works perfectly."

Tracy R., Tucson, AZ

Emailed 3/30/2011

"The keyboard arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the quick delivery and smooth transaction."

Stephanie C., Las Vegas, NV

Emailed 3/30/2011

"Received....very pleased will look to you again for my laptop parts!"

Chris N., Montague, Canada

Emailed 3/23/2011

"I ordered a replacement keyboard for my HP Pavilion from Laptop Parts Expert via FedEx overnight. The proper part arrived on-time, was easy to install and functioned perfectly. Customer satisfaction = A+."

Joe C., Carlsbad, CA, Carlsbad House of Horrors

Emailed 3/23/2011

"I've received both parts at the office today - thanks so much for your help, your customer service is an of your support reps saw a note that I needed these parts by a particular day, and when she saw that the parts weren't going to get to my main office in time, she called me on her own accord to figure out what I wanted to do. We ended up sending the parts to a different office, I got em today, and I'll be installing them at another office tomorrow. I've just never had a company go out of their way like that to help me w/ the logistics of the situation."

Andrew D., Poughkeepsie, NY

Emailed 3/16/2011

"Just want to let you know I received the key board and it has worked very well and I am very satisfied with it's performance. Thanks you saved the day."

John W., Burleson, TX

Emailed 3/5/2011

"I really like ordering from Laptop Parts Expert… Great customer support. Website is very easy to use and prices are competitive. No reason to go anywhere else!"

Heidi Roberts, Buffalo Computer Consulting, Buffalo, WY

Emailed 3/8/2011

"Just want to let you know I received the key board and it has worked very well and I am very satisfied with it's performance. Thanks you saved the day."

John W., Burleson, TX

Emailed 3/5/2011

"You guys have great customer service!!"

Mark H., Huntington Beach, CA

Emailed 3/4/2011

"Thanks for the awesome service!! New keyboard is installed and I'm more than pleased. Only website that has White Toshiba keyboards!!!"

Erica C., Grove City, OH

Emailed 3/4/2011

"I received the re-shipped keyboard earlier this week. I noticed that you credited back the cost of the shipping. Thanks! I wasn't expecting that. I will definitely purchase from you again when the need arises."

Bill O., Guilford, VT

Emailed 3/4/2011

"Thanks - the part arrived yesterday, has been installed, and works as expected."

Anthony H., Anna, TX

Emailed 3/4/2011

"I already received the Charger and Battery. I was surprised to receive an actual Sony Charger and especially for the price. Both are working flawlessly. I have bookmarked your site and will definitely be back should the need arises. Great service and great products."

Michael A., Seekonk, MA

Emailed 3/4/2011

"100% satisfied with service and delivery."

Enrico B., Milford, CT

Emailed 3/2/2011

"Got the keyboard and worked great I order a bunch of keyboards and many have to come from china and takes tooooo long and usually crushed by the time we get it will use your company again thanks."

Cindy S., Largo, FL

Emailed 2/19/2011

"Thank you for the excellent service! The part arrived a day earlier than expected."

Luke B., Richmond, VA

Emailed 2/19/2011

"Thanks for upgrading my memory. My laptop is running so much faster!. No more constant paging."

Donna G., Irvine, CA

Emailed 2/17/2011

"Thanks so much, the part arrived safely and your packaging was basically bulletproof.
The part fit perfectly and my laptop is now back in working order."

Jason C., Howell, NJ

Emailed 2/13/2011

"Hi Jeremy, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service.... really quick processing and shipment plus excellent communication I turned around and ordered another keyboard I needed from you guys.... you will for sure be getting my business for special order laptop parts from now on..... I really appreciate the great service keep up the good work!!!"

Doug S., Red Bluff, CA

Emailed 2/13/2011

"You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. I'll definitely recommend you and use you in the future."

David H., Portales, NM

Emailed 2/4/2011

"Thank you Jeremy for getting this battery out here as quickly as you did. I've got it installed and it is working great."

Bradley S., Lake Mary, FL

Emailed 2/3/2011

"Thanks for your promptness!!!!!!"

Chris Cartledge, Cartledge Trucking, Grand Marsh, WI

Emailed 2/3/2011

"Wow I'm very impressed with your customer service.....THANKS"

Doug S., Penrose, CO

Emailed 2/2/2011

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service and professionalism. After looking online for a while, the keyboard that I ordered from you in order to replace a damaged one on my HP laptop was 60% cheaper than other sites and brand new. My brother "The techie" actually thought that it would be fake and yesterday when my keyboard arrived, it was as promised, brand new and original. I will definitely recommend your site to family and friends and my brother, who works fixing computers will be buying his parts from you from now on.
So I give your company an A+ across the Board!
Thanks a Mill!"

Ruth F., Queens Village, NY

Emailed 2/1/2011

"Just wanted to say thanks so much for great customer service from everyone I dealt with. The replacement installation was easy to do, and the part was perfect."

Tim J., Sleepy Hollow, NY

Emailed 1/27/2011

"I ordered the keyboard about 2 days ago, received all invoicing yesterday, and the item arrived today. I just wanted to compliment on your excellent service, and thank you for a great product that exceeded my expectations."

Jack A., Victorville, CA

Emailed 1/20/2011

"I received my keyboard "today!" I installed it myself in 20 mins (saving the $45 that the "professionals" made it sound so necessary for such a difficult procedure!). You guys and gals are great!"

Tyrone Z., Citrus Heights, CA

Emailed 1/18/2011

"Thanks Jeremy I received the screen this am. Thanks for the RUSH !!"

Matthew H., Toronto, ON

Emailed 1/13/2011

"Thank you!! Already installed working perfect!!!

What an excellent and fast service that you have!! Congratulations!!"

Rainier Z., Houston, TX

Emailed 1/11/2011

"WOW - you are AMAZING! I rec'd them about an hour ago.

Keep up the FABULOUS work."

Marion W., Victoria, BC

Emailed 1/11/2011

"My fedex package with my 3 batteries arrived this morning!!! Wasn't expecting them for a couple of more days. I am thrilled to pieces! Just charging them now.

I am very impressed with your service and will definitely refer other business to you in the future."

Kathryn M., Vancouver, BC

Emailed 1/10/2011

"Thank for the parts and the information along the way. You have been more than helpful."

Tracy B., Landover, MD

Emailed 1/6/2011

"Recieved the part today, thanks for quick service, my good old pc is up and running again:)"

Arve E., Norway

Emailed 1/4/2011

"Recieved item and installed, appears to be working properly, thank you!!"

Bill R., Manning, SC

Emailed 1/4/2011

"I received the parts today, thank you for the fast delivery!"

Corie C., Anderson, SC

Emailed 12/30/2010

"The keyboard arrived and fits perfectly. This email proves it works! Believe it or not, the full keyboard cost as much as one web site was charging for 4 keys I needed. Thanks for being there. I will pass your site along to my friends and family for future reference."

Tom M., Miller Place, NY

Emailed 12/30/2010

"My new keyboard arrived today; a day earlier than I expected.

I've replaced the old one with this new one successfully. I'm a very appreciative customer. Thanks for giving me excellent customer service!"

David M., Boerne, TX

Emailed 12/14/2010

"Excellent service! I just got my keyboard! I would definitely recommend ur service to all my friends! Thanks."

Adriana B., Miami Beach, FL

Emailed 12/11/2010

"Thank you for your prompt service. I received my order today and was very pleased. Again, thanks."

Jamil B., Osceola, MO

Emailed 12/8/2010

"Received and installed the new keyboard. All keys appear to be functioning. Thank you for the timely and helpful response, there aren't many companies that would have assisted in the manner you have. I greatly appreciate it."

K.B., Rochester, NY

Emailed 12/6/2010

"Thank you Jeremy! Got my net book power supply yesterday and was happily online in a snap. My battery was down to 32 %. Was feeling sorry for my laptop. ahaha
Thanks again for wonderful service and awesome timing. Happy Holidays to all of you!"

Jan M., Bremerton, WA

Emailed 12/3/2010

"Just a quick note to tell you how THRILLED i am with my recent order. i ordered a replacement laptop keyboard for my Toshiba satellite on Tuesday after a chili vs. laptop debacle. today is Friday and it was just dropped off at my home by FedEx. your prices are excellent, shipping rates super reasonable and processing time outstanding. my family will be using you in the future for all of our laptop needs. I'm also sharing your link on Facebook now so that everyone of my friends knows what a great company this is."

April U., Castle Rock, CO

Emailed 11/19/2010
"Thanks, I got my part just as I always do way before time that I expect it; that's why I order from you. You guy's are the best."

Tim M., Gold Holl, OR

Emailed 11/18/2010
"I recently ordered a replacement Dell part for my daughters computer (Inspiron 1720). I went through Dell first and even spoke to a person, who looked up the computer under my account, she ordered the part and checked inventory and ended up with the wrong part. It took 1-1/2 hours to finally speak to someone who could authorize the return of their incorrectly ordered part. A totally nightmare!

I got on the Internet and found your company very quickly, had the part ordered and delivered in less than one week (three business days). It is the correct part. I did a search for the part number on the actually DVD drive and you had it, it fits and works! Thank you for being a great company with awesome service."

Dana J., Denison, IA

Emailed 11/17/2010
"I just installed the keyboard you sold me. Your parts were the exact replacement. Your instructions were totally relevant and helpful. The job took five minutes. The customer is ecstatic. You really provided a high level of value for those dollars spent.

Who could ask for more?


Dave W., West Columbia, SC,

Emailed 11/16/2010
"Your company is on top of it!! I will not hesitate to order from you all in the future."

Angela M., Athens, GA

Emailed 11/11/2010
"I appreciate your service. It's uncommon.....really.

Thanks very much."

Andrew J., Whitehall, MI

Emailed 11/2/2010
"Just wanted to give you some unsolicited feedback.

In reviewing my personal bank statement this weekend, I noticed that my husband ordered a laptop part from your company. He said he was really pleased with the service. 1) Someone called him right away because they noticed that the billing address and shipping address was different (the part was being shipped to our son in SF). He really appreciated the extra time your employee took to check on this. 2) My son got the battery the next day, which was especially nice since we didn't even pay for the overnight shipping. Thanks for the great service."

Tanja F., Irvine, CA

Emailed 11/1/2010

"I would just like to say thank you sooo very much. I received a call from you checking for credit card fraud. I had the part shipped to my computer guy but my billing address was different from the shipping address. I really liked that you checked into this before you sent it! I wish all companies were as thorough as you were! Thank you again!."

Doreen P., Lindenwold, NJ

Emailed 10/22/2010

"Hi, I just wanted to thank you guys. you helped me find a part, and got me the exact right part I needed for a customers laptop. great job! glad I stumbled onto you guys."

James B., PC Service Center, Sparks, NV

Instant Message 10/8/2010

"Just [wanted] to say thank you. Your site was easy to use. My battery and accessory arrived in time for our trip. Your tracking information was helpful. Very impressed and will recommend you."

Will A., Santa Fe, NM

Emailed 10/7/2010

"Never felt so loved by an online retailer."

Nathaniel C., Midland, MI

Emailed 10/1/2010

"The RMA is on it's way back to you... BTW, share this with the team... You folks did a fantastic job with this process. I don't think I've ever had a return/replacement go so smooth or so quickly. Great job! I'll be making a point of referring you."

Derek S., Gresham, OR

Emailed 9/21/2010

"I have no questions--I just wanted to say that the keyboard arrived exactly when I expected it, in brand-new condition, as promised, and I promise to bring any future business to your company. Thank you! ^_^"

Lindsey H., Rochester, MI

Emailed 9/21/2010

"I thought good customer service no longer existed until I placed an order with Laptop Experts this past Friday. After incorrectly clicking the wrong shipping preference, I called to make the change and was promptly assisted. I did not write down the name of the gentleman that assisted me, but he couldn’t have been more happy to help. I received the part right on time and was able to repair my client’s laptop and get it back to him before he needed it on Monday. You guys made me look good in a new client’s eyes, and for that I cannot be more appreciative. I will be sure all of my colleagues know what a great experience I had with Laptop Experts. Thank you so much for not only getting me the part I needed, but for showing me that good customer service still exists."

Laura L., Cary, NC

Emailed 9/20/2010

"Hello My name is Jessica and I recently purchased a lap top power cord from you guys and I wanted to say Thank you for the incredible Service!! I was VERY pleased with the ease of finding the product on your web site, the great low prices,the quick shipping as well as the Customer service with the numerous follow up emails about the shipment of the product! To top it off the quality of the product was above and beyond my expectations!! I will again come back to your website for future purchases as well as passing my great experience on to others! So again THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!"

Jessica V., Ketchikan, AK

Emailed 9/17/10

"Your service is amazing! I ordered a new power cord and paid to have it expressed to me. It took 13 hours from the time I placed my order to the time of delivery to my front door. Who could ask for anything more? I tell everyone how great your service is."

Shane T., Oswego, NY

Emailed 8/14/10

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for such speedy, accurate service, and for all the communication via emails letting me know the status of my order. I needed the laptop screen by July 16 and after fighting with HP all week to get it I finally cancelled my order with them and found you on Google and got the part I needed it when I needed it, so THANK YOU!"

Christina W., Huntsville, AL

Emailed 7/28/10

"I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I received the replacement LCD much quicker than I anticipated and it works beautifully now that I've installed it.

Thank you so much for taking care of me as I look forward to doing more business with you and telling my IT friends that they have a competent pc parts supplier. Thanks again."

Garrett M., Nashville, TN

Emailed 7/5/10

"I can't tell you how impressed I am by the quality of your customer service. You have bent over backwards to rectify the situation and I really appreciate it. It's a rare thing these days. Why don't we touch base next week and then we can determine where it should be shipped.

Thanks again."

Catherine R., Upper Montclair, NJ

Emailed 6/18/10

"I just wanted to take a second and thank your company for the excellent service. The transaction couldn't have gone any smoother. I was able to quickly find the part I needed, order, and track progress. It arrived when promised and worked like a charm. Thanks, and I certainly know where to go for parts in the future!"

Pat H., Gainesville, VA

Emailed 6/11/10

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