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Laptop Parts Expert is honored to share our customer feedback. If you would like to share your experience, please email us at Be sure to read the official reviews we receive at Now, on to the personal responses.

"Great service, easy to order (especially compared to hp), works great ... thanks"

Robert Gentry, Winter Park, FL, Tier Four Business Solutions & Advisory Services

Emailed 12/23/2012

"The product arrived safe and on Time, works like a charm.

Thanks a lot! great service!"

Oscar S., Calexico, CA

Emailed 12/17/2012

"Your car charger for my laptop has arrived safely and works perfectly. Thanks."

Jerry M., Hollywood, CA

Emailed 12/10/2012

"I would like to Thank You for the excellent fast and quality service and product. I was hesitant at first to order only because i had never done business with your company. Well i am very pleased so i will be telling everyone i know that if needed Laptop Parts Expert is definitely the "go to" company."

Kris L., Mobile, AL

Emailed 12/7/2012

"I got my package today. Great job guys."

Dermot O., Daytona Beach, FL

Emailed 11/5/2012

"Thank You for following up with a tracking number. I've had a really good experience with your company and look forward to doing business with you all again in the future."

Julie M., Little River, SC

Emailed 11/2/2012

"Thank You for following up with a tracking number. I’ve had a really good experience with your company and look forward to doing business with you all again in the future."

Alexander N., Coronado, CA

Emailed 10/26/2012

"Dear Sir, This is the first time we have done business with your company but it certainly will not be the last.

Thanks for the prompt service."

David E., Port Dover, CA, Eaton Computers

Emailed 10/3/2012

"Damn that was a quick shipment. Thanks man."

Mike M., Lorain, OH

Emailed 9/25/2012

"Thanks for the Great, Prompt and Fast service! And for all your help, I really appreciate it."

Kevin S., Salt Lake City, UT

Emailed 8/31/2012

"Thanks so much for the fast turnaround!!! KUDO's for great service.

My son spilled Sweat Tea(you know, Southern "thang") all over the keyboard and thank goodness Toshiba had a failsafe built in so it didn't toast the motherboard. I have to give credit to my IT guy that works for me, he found your website when in search for a new keyboard...Take care and have a blessed day!"

Keith P., Dyersburg, TN

Emailed 8/29/2012

"I and my customer of the laptop keyboard really appreciate this service. We will (I have already) recommend your company, thanks again."

Jimmie R., Fresno, CA

Emailed 8/28/2012

"We got the keyboard today in the morning. Thank you very much for your help! Really appreciated :)"

Roberto L., Jackson, WY

Emailed 8/18/2012

"The Laptop hinges fit perfectly and were delivered on time. The whole order process was great, thanks for excellent service."

Bob B., Orlando, FL

Emailed 8/17/2012

Raul V., Irvine, CA

Ed C., La Mirada, CA

"Thank you for your prompt and fair response to this issue. Because of your response, I intend to continue to purchase my laptop parts from you. Integrity goes a long way with me."

David Hawkins, Twin Falls, ID, Computer Connection

Emailed 7/30/2012

"Thank you for the prompt response. I am very impressed."

Robert D., Londonderry, NH

Emailed 7/27/2012

"Thanks, nice to deal with reputable companies...Your service was excellent and your group conducted yourselves as professionals. My computer tech will be using you in the future."

Richard G., Harrison, NY

Emailed 7/24/2012

Be sure to read the official reviews we receive at Now, on to the personal responses.

"You guys are good..."

Don Roxby, Ouray, CO, Wired Computer Consulting

Emailed 7/20/2012

"Thank you for outstanding customer service."

Lew W., Honeybrook, PA

Emailed 7/12/2012

"Every thing is back to working order "Laptop Parts Expert" Thank you so much for your quick response you are my heroes........I'll spread the word."

David G., Albuquerque, NM

Emailed 7/11/2012

"You guys are a great resource and your website was very easy to navigate. Looking forward to sourcing more parts from you guys!"

Douglas S., Freeport, ME

Emailed 7/11/2012

"I hope you do a lot a business because you sure know how to run one by taking great care of customers."

Frank L., Scituate, RI

Emailed 7/10/2012

"Thanks, we got the keyboard and had it installed. It works great! Thank you for the fast delivery."

Maureen T., Broomfield, CO

Emailed 7/3/2012

"You're definitely the best business I've had dealing with computer parts. I almost tried to order overseas but nothing beats a business you can trust in general but even more when something goes wrong. Thanks so much. I'll definitely be doing business in the future when I need a product and will suggest to friends and family when they're in need. Thanks again!"

Daniel G., W. Haverstraw, NY

Emailed 6/30/2012

"Just wanted to say that my keyboard arrived promptly, and I was able to install it successfully, thanks to the demo video."

Lois B., Ft. Worth, TX

Emailed 6/10/2012

"Outstanding service. Thanks. The keyboard is perfect and was beautifully protected for transit across country. I will recommend your company to anyone seeking the highest quality service."

Marcel L., Tampa, FL

Emailed 5/30/2012

"Received the keyboard today, and everything works great. Thank-you for the quick service."

Stacey C., Sherwood Park, AB

Emailed 5/25/2012

"Just wanted to email you and let you know that I finally recieved LCD I ordered. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am very happy with the service and courtesy you provided me during this purcahse. My child's computer is working now and that LCD was a perfect match. I should have ordered tools with it as well."

Armando G., Armed Forces

Emailed 5/24/2012

"Got the keyboard in. Works like a charm. Thanks man."

Tony G., Reston, VA

Emailed 5/16/2012

"The parts are here already. Dang! That was fast!!

My eldest son is deployed right now, and I am fixing his VAIO - well, my IT guy is at my company.

He is very impressed with your price and your efficient handling of shipping!"

Paul T., Milwaukee, WI

Emailed 5/9/2012

"I VERY much appreciate the quick response time you put into this little order. This made a HUGE difference to my customer that was distraught after we received the wrong keyboard twice (once from another purveyor.) He was seriously upset when we opened the keyboard (first shipment from you) and saw the same UK layout as the one we had sent back to another etailer that claimed to have a US keyboard.

We received the keyboard today (Monday) and was ELATED that it was the right one! (you have no idea - this customer was seriously upset at this whole experience.) In any case, you helped salvage my business with this customer. Again, thank you for all the effort in getting the right part to us."

Colby Gower, Mesquite, NV, A+ Psychlone Computers

Emailed 5/4/2012

"Thanks ever so much for your promt service.I had the product at my house in exactly 24 hours and the computer up and running about an hour later. Thank you again."

Garnie C., Nanaimo, BC

Emailed 5/2/2012

"Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of my laptop keyboard. I had it installed in about 10 minutes. I really appreciated your website and updates on processing of my order. I will definitely use you again in the future for any laptop repair parts. Thank You."

Cindy C., Mackinaw, IL

Emailed 5/2/2012

"I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome hard drive. Its in perfect condition and is safe and sound in my Viao. Thanks again, hopefully I won't need a new computer part any time soon but if I do I know who to call :)."

C.J. C., Youngstown, OH

Emailed 4/11/2012

"I want to express how much of a class act your company is to have given me a credit for the differace on my purchase!!!! I will buy all my parts from you folks and tell my coworkrers and friends for the outstanding service you provide your customers!!! Thank You so Much!!!!! Keep Up The Great Work!!!!"

James K., Spring Branch, TX

Emailed 4/11/2012
"I just wanted to thank you for rushing the replacement battery, as I did not expect it so fast....I received it today and works with no issues!

Thanks again for the prompt responses and excellent service, and will keep you guys in mind for parts in the future."

Olsi P., Astoria, NY

Emailed 3/6/2012

"I received the new keyboard yesterday and installed it this morning and this one works fine. Thank you for the excellent customer service!"

Mike S., Glenside, PA

Emailed 2/24/2012

"I wanted to let you know the package arrived, my son installed it, it is working great, and we are thrilled! Again, we so appreciate your help in this matter and you going the extra mile to get us a replacement."

Terry H., Lincoln, NE

Emailed 1/28/2012

"Just wanted to thank you guys. My replacement keyboard for my L505D was perfect. Thank you very much."

Steve B., Chicago, IL

Emailed 1/19/2012

"Thank you for your wonderful follow-up on this part's order.

I installed the part and it works great.

Thank you for your excellent customer service. I'll keep this company in mind for any future orders."

Cherie A., Auburn, PA

Emailed 1/9/2012

"I have received my adapter. It works great. Thanks for everything your company did."

Yi D., Monterey Park, CA

Emailed 1/6/2012

"Thank you, the quick service was what I needed to get my son's laptop back in working order. I installed the drive as soon as Fedex delivered it along with the restoration disks. He put his data back on it and as far as I know, everything appears to be fine."

Andy R., Warwick, RI

Emailed 12/31/2011

"Phenomenal part. Great response time. I've been without a solid keyboard for about two months know and this is great. Thanks!"

Russel B., Austin, TX

Emailed 11/28/2011

"Wow. Thank you very much. Your response, order fulfillment & shipping time is excellent!!"

Susan P., Scituate, MA, Veritas Roofing

Emailed 11/18/2011

"Thanks for the incredibly fast service... appreciated!"

Derek P., Las Vegas, NV,

Emailed 11/18/2011

"I wanted to thank you for the prompt response to my order I placed on THURSDAY evening my time. I forgot the fact you are in IRVINE,CA so you were 2 hrs behind me which enabled you to get out that night. I received my new keyboard FRI AM and was back online shortly after - I was offline LESS than 20 hrs. I have ordered parts from you before and always got them quickly."

Mark M., Houston, TX

Emailed 11/14/2011

"I've gotten the new keyboard hooked up and it works even better than the original. Thanks!"

Thomas C., Fairview, TN

Emailed 11/13/2011

"It worked perfectly. Thank you."

Stephanie L., Cleveland, TN

Emailed 10/27/2011

"Amazing, you do exactly what you say you can do...I am impressed."

David P., Metarie, LA

Emailed 10/21/2011

"I just want to say that I was very pleased with the keyboard I ordered through the mail. The touch takes some getting use to, but the keyboard is working fine. Cheaper than buying a new laptop.

Thank you! First for being priced reasonably, and second for putting out good product!"

BLR, Hull, MA

Emailed 10/24/2011

"Thanks for saving me big bucks. My first keyboard and i did it myself !! Thanks again."

Richard M., Brawley, CA

Emailed 10/14/2011

"I already received it this morning. Thanks for the quick service."

Rob C., Little Rock, AR

Emailed 10/14/2011


Karna S., Giddings, TX

Emailed 10/11/2011

"The keyboard works perfectly - thank you. My sister is thrilled."

Paytor V., Bowie, MD

Emailed 10/7/2011

"Thank you, the part is installed and working fine. I had a positive experience. Speedy order handling and great product."

Alfred Y., Irvine, CA

Emailed 10/7/2011

"Thank you. The part worked well. I was also pleased with your updates which you sent as you processed the order."

Marian R., Turlock, CA

Emailed 10/6/2011

"This is to let you know that the product has already been delivered. Congratulations !! Your service level is really fantastic !!!."

Luiz H., Sao Paolo, Brazil

Emailed 9/16/2011

"What a great company. I walked in off the street after finding my keyboard on your website and you had it in stock and even put it in for FREE. You can't find that kind of service anymore. Thanks again."

Eric J., Tustin, CA

Emailed 9/8/2011

"I have been going through issues of compatibility for my laptop which caused me to waste over $50 for keyboards that just quite wouldn't fit. i eventually damaged them trying to make it work (thinking i was smart). i was skeptical of how inexpensive your product was in comparison to your competitors. i thought i was going to waste another $25 for my wife's laptop. when i got it, and put it in the unit, it fit like a glove. it was almost as if it was manufactured with the laptop. THANK YOU THANK YOU for perfect service, perfect product. You have a lifetime customer and i will definitely recommend you to anybody who needs spare parts for their computers. i have finally resolved an issue that cost me severe grief thanks to your company. thank you again."

Wacan C., Crownpoint, NM

Emailed 9/8/2011

"Keyboard replacement received, installed, works great! Thanks."

Norman S., Forest Grove, OR

Emailed 9/4/2011

"Dude you guys are awesome. Fast service, the parts worked and the customer is happy. Thank you so much for your service."

Adam F., Erwin, SC, Simple Web Solutions

Emailed 8/19/2011

"Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter. Many companies could learn from yours as far as excellent customer service goes. Your company has the best I’ve seen in a long time."

Kellie S.

Emailed 8/12/2011

"I received the part that I ordered from Laptop Parts Expert today. I installed it, and it worked perfectly. I have to say that I was a bit hesitant to just order a part from the Internet. I was really pleased that your company sent tracking information and delivered the product as expected. I might add at a significant savings to the online HP Store."

Todd P., Lexington, MA

Emailed 8/11/2011

"Thank you very much. With customer service like this you now have a repeat customer."

Jason L., Newark, DE

Emailed 8/5/2011

"I look forward to doing more business with you. So far you have handled a situation better than any other company I have dealt with in 6 years. Thank you again."

Jack E., Brookfield, CT

Emailed 8/3/2011

"Hi, got it, took one minute to install, good as new. Thanks for all the followup and information along the way, and thanks for being so quick! I will share Laptop Parts Expert widely!"

Pete S., Northfield, MN

Emailed 7/29/2011

"Thank you so much, Jeremy. I appreciate your assistance and your incredibly quick reply!"

Dave K., Prairie Village, KS

Emailed 7/27/2011

"I got the screen on SATURDAY. You guys are the BOMB!!! Thanks for all the great work. I have been looking for this screen and not only did you have it in stock, you got it to me pronto and your tech support person, she was great as well and answered all my questions."

Joseph M., Bakersfield, CA

Emailed 7/11/2011

"Received the product on Friday thank you for your quick responses and fast delivery time."

Paul L., George Town, Cayman Islands

Emailed 7/11/2011
"Thank you for the refund. I appreciate the service your company provided and will use your services in the future."

David T., Newton Falls, OH

Emailed 6/28/2011

"I just want to say thank you for the speedy processing and delivery. If I ever need anything PC related I'll be sure to check with you guys again."

Annielette P., Union, NJ

Emailed 6/28/2011

"Thank you sir, you guys were a pleasure to do business with and I'll definitely be using you in the future."

Ashraf H., Poughkeepsie, NY

Emailed 6/27/2011

"I wanted to let you know that I got my keyboards on time and in good shape. I was able to make both my repairs this weekend. I am sending you the extra keyboard today. It appears that your shipping department sent me the right part in the original order. Thank you for erring on the side of getting me the right part on time, instead of making me wait to see if I got the right part or not. I really appreciate you doing this. It was very professional of you."

John M., Powder Springs, GA

Emailed 6/27/2011

"Thank you for the outstanding service. I arrive home from business travel, and the keyboard was here, now already installed and working. I am really impressed that you sent me a second keyboard, before you got the original returned, without additional payment. And you went to the effort to send me the return Fed-Ex mailing label. Yours is the best service I have encountered."

Jerry L., Weatherford, TX

Emailed 6/26/2011

" the part fixed..thanks"

Blane K., Waxahachie, TX

Emailed 6/23/2011

"Thank you for your fast order fulfillment. I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of the keyboard and hope it will fix the problem we have."

Jutta M., Beloit, WI

Emailed 6/21/2011

"I received my LCD replacement on the 16th, prompt service, good prices. I am so glad that you guys are out there....It was easy to find the product and order it. You make a do it yourself pc repair easy."

Kirsten M., Deer Park, TX

Emailed 6/20/2011

" was great talking to you. I’ll be ordering from you again for both personal and work laptop parts."

John M., Powder Springs, GA

Emailed 6/17/2011

"Just received my part. I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the service and availability of the part. Thanks."

Paul P., Camby, IN

Emailed 6/14/2011

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