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Q: What is the best way to charge my new battery?

There are two schools of thought on this. First, charge the battery to full for about 8 hours before you use it, then discharge it fully. Do this about three times. Second, use the battery in its current state and drain fully. Then recharge for 8 hours and discharge fully again. Do this about three times.

Q: What do I do if my Sony laptop says my new battery is not compatible?

This error is due to Sony monitoring software running in the background. It can be disabled to remove the issue. On most new Sony Laptops there is a monitoring software called ISBMgr.exe and the application is running from Program Files/Sony/ISB Utility/ This application can be disabled via Start/Run/Msconfig.exe. Once there click on the startup tab. Look for the application ISBMgr.exe and uncheck the file. Then proceed to reboot. Once rebooted you should see that your new 3rd Party battery is working without issue. Note: This application will also run and give the same hibernate message if the Sony Original battery is not connected firmly in the battery compartment.

Q: What do I do if my battery will not charge to 100%?

There is a common Windows bug that does not recognize a newly installed battery. To fix this problem, RIGHT click on My Computer, then click on Properties. Click on the Hardware tab, then click on Device Manager. Click the plus sign next to Batteries and delete the Microsoft AC Adapter and Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery items. Shut down the system. Unplug it for a minute, then plug it back in and reboot. When Windows starts, it will identify the battery and start charging it fully. If this does not fix the problem, you probably have a defective battery or a battery with incompatible firmware.

Q: How do I maintain battery life?

The best way to maintain battery life is to fully charge and discharge the battery at least once or twice a week. Lithium batteries do not have a memory but exercising all the cells often will keep them in peak use. They are only good for about 300-500 charges so you want to get the most out of them.

Q: How do I conserve battery life while mobile?

We recommend this article on battery life for tips on battery conservation:

We also recommend manually lowering your screen brightness.


Q: Why don't you sell individual keys?

Laptops contain between 20 and 150 parts depending on the brand. With so many parts already, the manufacturers are not going to offer 88 different keys and retainer clips. You can find eBay sellers tearing down bad keyboards to sell keys but that is usually the only option to replace keys without replacing a full keyboard.

Q: Why are some of my letters coming up as numbers?

If you see your U-P keys and down are typing as numbers, you probably have your NumLock key on which makes the right side of your keyboard act as a 10-key keypad. If you hit the NumLock button on your keypad, the problem should go away.

Q: What is a TrackPoint?

A TrackPoint is the small Red or Blue dot in the middle of the keyboard that acts as a mouse. Some models of laptop offer a choice between TrackPoint and non-TrackPoint. They are usually interchangeable.


Q: Do you ship international?

We do ship international to many countries. For shipping cost, use the checkout. Rates are listed in the last screen before payment. We do not accept international credit cards other than Canada and UK. Shipments may be delayed for multiple item orders so they can ship together if not in stock when ordered.

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